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Picture taken during an off-road adventure


       To quote businessman Farrah Gray, “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs”. So, this is me, building my dream.


       I bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ) in 2018, my second Jeep in this lifetime, although I no longer have my first. I wanted a vehicle that could get my family off the grid, and it has done that and a whole lot more.

History will now include this story...

There's no "I" in team, but there is in Opportunity...

       I slowly started getting into off-roading with my friends, taking my family with me to explore in ways we never had before. At the height of the pandemic, this became an essential activity for us, it gave us an outlet and an opportunity to reset, and clear the mind from whatever we faced during the work week. 


       If you are part of any off-road community, you know that once you take that first ride, the list of modifications for your rig gets long real quick like. “The build” has been as much of an off-road experience as riding the trails. After some time, I really started documenting my modifications on video and started my YouTube Channel “Own Your Recreation”, which is the slogan for Fuelnomenal. Through that and social media, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting so many people that are part of this community, the camaraderie and the shared spirit of adventure has been amazing for me and my family.

       It is through these experiences that led me to create the brand Fuelnomenal. The mission of Fuelnomenal is “A movement to empower all facets of the recreational community. It seeks to motivate all who innovate with authenticity and inspires the destruction of barriers while building a brand that is for everyone”. Fuelnomenal is not about another exhausted cliché. It’s about motivating you to succeed in the choices you make, to reach your goals and your potential. Let’s fuel each other to feel and be phenomenal, every day. Be Easy!

Day one, is better than one day...

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